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The Ignite Podcast delves into the innovations and ideas that are transforming our world. Hosted by Brian Bell of Team Ignite Ventures, it offers candid conversations with trailblazing founders, visionary investors, and leaders who are shaping the future.
Brian Bell

Revolutionizing Seized Asset Management – Aidan Larkin's Journey | Ep3

E3 • Oct 10, 2023 • 67 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell converses with Aidan Larkin, discussing his upbringing in Northern Ireland, his experience with the Techstars accelerator program, and his insight on blockchain and crypto. They delve into the challenges of asset management in startups, Aidan's philanthropy work, and his perspective on decision-making.

Key Points

  • The Ignite Podcast episode features Aidan Larkin, CEO and co-founder of Asset Reality, discussing the challenges and inefficiencies governments face in managing seized assets and how his company aims to innovate the process with better tools and systems.
  • Aidan shares his personal backstory, including his experiences growing up in Belfast during the Troubles and how a government-funded trip to the US as a child influenced his perspective on the importance of managing seized assets for social good.
  • The conversation also delves into the evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency, addressing misconceptions and the potential for government adoption of digital currencies, as well as the broader implications for asset management and recovery.
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