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Revolutionizing Outbound Sales w/ AI Personalization – A Conversation with Atul of Hyperbound | Ep2

E2 • Oct 4, 2023 • 61 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell speaks with Atul Raghunathan, discussing his journey into AI and the future of marketing. They delve into the product and benefits of Hyperbound for B2B SaaS companies, ethical challenges of AI, and the concept of 'guardrails' for AI.

Key Points

  • Atul Reganathan, CTO of Hyperbound, shares the origin story of their AI-driven sales communication tool, which was born out of the frustration with time-consuming sales outreach.
  • Hyperbound's technology aims to revolutionize B2B email marketing by leveraging AI to create highly personalized outreach, resulting in improved response rates and more efficient prospecting.
  • Atul discusses the ethical implications of AI, stressing the importance of guardrails and the challenges in defining and implementing them given the subjective nature of ethics.
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