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Brickyard's Cam Doody- Building Startups with Grit and Grind | Ep11

E11 • Nov 10, 2023 • 45 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell converses with Cam Doody, co-founder of BR Brickyard. They discuss the unique aspects of Brickyard's deal flow, the challenges of building a company, and the venture capital industry's current issues. They also touch on the concept of the "trough of sorrow" and Chattanooga's appeal as a startup hub.

Key Points

  • Cam Dutti from BR Brickyard emphasizes the importance of grit, radical focus, and the willingness to endure a 10-year grind through challenges as the defining traits of successful founders.
  • Brickyard, a unique venture firm and residency program, selects founders based on their determination and commitment to relocate to Chattanooga, work intensely alongside peers, and push through the 'trough of sorrow' to achieve Series A funding.
  • Founders at Brickyard gain a stake in the success of their peers through a share of the venture fund's carried interest, fostering a community-driven environment that values collective success and intense dedication to building their companies.
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