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Brian Bell

Swerve Fitness – Redefining an Industry with Eric Posner | Ep17

E17 • Nov 30, 2023 • 47 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell chats with Eric Posner about his company, Swerve, its pivot to digital fitness during the pandemic, and its future plans. They discuss the importance of health data, dealing with business challenges, and the latest trends in health and wellness.

Key Points

  • Eric Posner, co-founder of Swerve, transitioned from finance to entrepreneurship, launching a fitness venture that evolved into a technology-driven, team-based workout experience.
  • Swerve pivoted from boutique fitness studios to a digital platform that partners with gyms to stream competitive, team-inspired workouts, leveraging pre-recorded classes with live data to enhance user engagement and gym efficiency.
  • Personal health and wellness, including practices like contrast therapy and homemade probiotic yogurt, are integral to Eric's lifestyle, reflecting the importance of balance, recovery, and gut health in overall well-being.
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