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Cultivating Unicorns – Richard Frankel on Scaling Startups to Mythical Proportions | Ep5

E5 • Oct 24, 2023 • 57 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell engages with Richard Frankel, discussing Frankel's career transitions, the growth of Rocket Fuel, and the role of automation in its success. They delve into the lifespan of Fortune 500 companies, the impact of going public, and the emotional journey of selling a company.

Key Points

  • Richard Frankel's journey from engineering to advertising technology showcases the evolution of the internet and ad tech, culminating in the creation of Rocket Fuel, which capitalized on the emergence of automated ad exchanges.
  • Listening to customers is crucial for business success, as illustrated by Rocket Fuel's experience where failing to adapt to the market's shift towards self-service platforms ultimately weakened the company's position.
  • The decision to go public can expose a company to market forces that may not have been as impactful privately, as Rocket Fuel's IPO revealed their high margins to agencies, leading to increased pressure and competition.
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