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Brian Bell

Beyond Donations – Dominic Kalms' Journey in Philanthropic Innovation | Ep14

E14 • Nov 21, 2023 • 63 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell engages in a thoughtful conversation with Dominic Kalms, a Fintech entrepreneur and diplomat. They discuss Dominic's journey, his 'Donate Now, Pay Later' initiative through Be Generous, and the financial landscape of nonprofits. The episode concludes with a rapid-fire session revealing Dominic's personal insights.

Key Points

  • Dominic Combs is a serial fintech entrepreneur passionate about PhilTech, philanthropy technology, aiming to address inefficiencies in the US philanthropic market, which he considers the largest underserved sector of finance.
  • Dominic's journey from witnessing global inequality at a young age to working on Wall Street, in international diplomacy, and on Capitol Hill, eventually led him to realize his goal of combining private sector resources with the public sector's mission to improve lives.
  • Be Generous, Dominic's current venture, offers innovative financial products for nonprofits, including Donate Now Pay Later and Accelerate, addressing the unique funding challenges and opportunities within the philanthropic sector.
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