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The Ignite Podcast delves into the innovations and ideas that are transforming our world. Hosted by Brian Bell of Team Ignite Ventures, it offers candid conversations with trailblazing founders, visionary investors, and leaders who are shaping the future.
Brian Bell

Igniting Data-Driven Diversity with Noelle London of Illoominus | Ep8

E8 • Oct 30, 2023 • 56 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell chats with Noelle London, discussing her journey from Peace Corps to entrepreneurship, the inception of Ignite, and balancing a corporate job with a startup. They delve into the role of Accenture in tech companies, the value of programs like Techstars, and the traits of successful founders.

Key Points

  • Noel London is the founder and CEO of Illumina's, a turnkey people insights platform that empowers organizations to become people-first by providing better insights across non-integrated systems.
  • The impetus for creating Illumina's was the recognition that organizations often lack the tools to think strategically about supporting their employees, leading to a competitive disadvantage in business.
  • Illumina's began with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, responding to the market need for accountability and measurement in this area, and has evolved to address the broader challenge of visibility across the entire employee journey.
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