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The Ignite Podcast delves into the innovations and ideas that are transforming our world. Hosted by Brian Bell of Team Ignite Ventures, it offers candid conversations with trailblazing founders, visionary investors, and leaders who are shaping the future.
Brian Bell

Building Dreams with AI: Inside Patrick Murphy's Maket Vision | Ep18

E18 • Dec 7, 2023 • 52 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell converses with Patrick Murphy, founder of Make it, about the company's challenges, growth, and future plans. They explore AI's role in architecture and job creation, the democratization process in business ideas, and the potential of 3D printing, robotics, and VR/AR technologies. Patrick also shares his personal experiences and visions for a post-capital society.

Key Points

  • Patrick Murphy, founder of Make It, discusses the company's mission to democratize architectural design through generative AI, with a long-term vision of combining AI with autonomous robotics to 3D print homes.
  • Make It has pivoted from real-time visualization platforms and online home sales to focus on creating new schematic floor plans, addressing the global housing shortage by innovating in home building and renovation processes.
  • The podcast explores the broader implications of generative AI across industries, suggesting a future where AI enhances human creativity, streamlines complex processes, and could potentially lead to a society that addresses major global issues more effectively.
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