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Brian Bell

The Future of AI Automation with HuLoop CEO Todd Michaud | Ep10

E10 • Nov 9, 2023 • 46 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell speaks with Todd Michaud about the innovation in Sacramento, the future of automation with Hula Bottimation, and his transition from IBM to entrepreneurship. They also discuss building a culture of transparency at Hula, Todd's love for Corvettes, his recommended reads, productivity hacks, and advice on business scaling.

Key Points

  • Todd Michelle is the CEO of Hula Bottimation, an innovative company focused on disrupting the intelligent automation space with a next-generation AI-powered platform designed to democratize automation for non-technical business users.
  • Hula Bottimation's platform is built from the ground up to offer a unified suite of automation capabilities, simplifying complex processes and enabling small to medium-sized businesses to compete with larger organizations by empowering them to create automation solutions with a radically simple, fast, and affordable no-code approach.
  • Todd's leadership philosophy emphasizes the importance of transparency, trust, and accountability, and he believes in fostering a culture where employees are mission-aligned, clients see substantial ROI, and investors find value in their contributions to the company's growth.
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