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Brian Bell

AI, Ethics, and Remote Work- A Deep Dive with Adam Haney | Ep12

E12 • Nov 14, 2023 • 52 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell chats with Adam Haney about the role of Invisible Technologies in AI, the evolution of algorithms, and the future of open-source models. They delve into the economics of AI training, its potential in the startup space, and the advantages and challenges of being a globally distributed company. The conversation concludes with a discussion on work-life balance and Haney's journey with Bellhop.

Key Points

  • Adam Haney is the VP of Engineering at Invisible Technologies, which specializes in operational excellence by combining human and automated labor to solve enterprise business problems, including human data creation for foundational AI models.
  • Invisible Technologies plays a crucial role in training AI models by providing human input for reinforcement learning, supervised fine-tuning, and ensuring AI outputs align with societal expectations and ethical standards.
  • The discussion explores the complexities of training AI models, the importance of human judgment in the AI alignment phase, and the potential for AI to be shaped by and reflect the best of human values and culture.
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