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Brian Bell

Scaling SaaS with Gonzalo de Lomana | Ep6

E6 • Oct 25, 2023 • 59 mins

In this episode, Brian Bell welcomes Gonzalo de Lomana to discuss his transition from consulting to entrepreneurship, his work with Ignite Ventures, and the importance of sales education. They delve into designing processes, evaluating sales funnels, and the balance needed in a sales leader. The conversation concludes with a reflection on PhD experiences and startup ecosystems.

Key Points

  • Gonzalo's approach to B2B sales involves systematizing the sales department into a production line with clear processes for every step, allowing for scalability and the use of less experienced operators.
  • The transition from founder-led to team-led sales typically begins after a startup's first significant funding round, with Gonzalo's team implementing a three-phase project to establish a sales playbook, set up a CRM system, and refine processes based on weekly performance metrics.
  • A common mistake startups make is providing too much detailed information upfront, which can kill curiosity and reduce the effectiveness of follow-up meetings; instead, Gonzalo advocates for sparking interest by sharing success stories relevant to the prospect's situation.
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